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Hello everyone! Great news is headed your way! Today we’re sharing a collection of Emjay CapCut templates, and guess what? They’re all absolutely free. Similar to the Modelscut templates, Emjay’s creations are also causing quite a stir and catching everyone’s eye. 


They’re gaining popularity, especially on platforms like TikTok. And here’s the best part, our website is loaded with other popular CapCut templates, all free of charge. You won’t have to spend a penny to make your videos stand out.

Curious about Emjay? Let me spill the beans. Emjay is a star creator in the CapCut template world, adored by millions of users worldwide. Just like we did with Modelscut, we’ve gathered a bunch of the hottest Emjay CapCut templates for you. Dive in, explore, and start using them with just a click.

Emjay CapCut Template Link

Emjay Squad Flexing CapCut Template

Emjay Friendship Day Template

Emjay Trio Edit

Emjay Zoom Effects

Emjay Slowmo Velocity

Emjay Aesthetic Song Lyrics

Emjay Slowmo Overlay

Emjay Emoji Ice on My Baby

Emjay Simple Beat Edit

Other Templates

Info Table

NameEmjay CapCut Template
CompatibilityAndroid and iOS
Video Duration19 Seconds
Users20 Million
Likes58 Million

How To Use Emjay CapCut Template

  • Preview all these given templates and select the one according to your style and attitude.
  • After that, click on the “Use Template in CapCut” button below that template. 
  • It will redirect you to that template and make it accessible for you.
  • Now you have to import the video or images that you want to include in the video.
  • After that preview it, and when you are satisfied with the results, click on the export button.
  • After that, you can download it in your desired resolution.
  • You can also share it directly on social media by clicking on the “Share” button.


Emjay is becoming popular in the CapCut world, and we’re super excited to tell you all about it. Get ready to make your videos even better, let your creativity shine, and have a lot of fun.

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