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Are you aiming to make a cool and eye-catching video for TikTok or Instagram, and finding a way to do this in 5 minutes? Look no further than As we all know, CapCut templates are the most powerful and straightforward way to create unique videos, and most people search for trending CapCut templates to make their videos go viral. The Story Keren CapCut template is also one of these popular and top-trending CapCut templates that was created by a famous TikToker, Elfaa and that is why the Story Keren template is also known and searched as the Elfaa CapCut template. 


The template is so popular that over 22.6 million people have used this template and still this template is being searched on Google 40500 times a month. Over the demand of our special users, we’ve provided 9 different Story Keren CapCut templates 2023 with direct download links in this article. This template gives you a lot of options to make your social media stories even better. 

Story Keren Template Link

Story Keren Template 2023

CapCut Template Elfaa Story Keren Elfaa

Story Keren Green Neon

Story Keren Image Transition

Story Keren Friends Neon

Story Keren Template Friends

Story Keren Lovely Beat

Story Keren Fast Image Change

Info Table of Story Keren Template

NameStory Keren CapCut Template
CompatibilityAndroid and iOS
Video Duration08-12 Seconds
Users22.6 Million
CreatorElfaa LDR

How To Use Story Keren CapCut Template

  • Download the CapCut APK on your device from this website.
  • Preview all these templates and select the one you want to use.
  • Simply click on the “Use Template in CapCut” button below that template.
  • The CapCut app will be launched automatically.
  • Click on the “Use Template” button again.
  • Add/import your images and videos in it.
  • Click the preview and export button to download your video.


This Story Keren CapCut template is a great way to make your TikTok and Instagram videos get more likes. The Elfaa CapCut template is available in several designs and colours but we have selected the best templates. So start your journey and choose one of these templates.

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