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Hello friends, are you searching for a relaxed trending font style going viral online on Instagram reels or TikTok videos? Introducing the Urban Jungle CapCut template, which includes the most viral Urban Jungle font. People Over 450000 people are searching for this Urban Jungle font every month.

Everyone is excited to make their videos using this viral name art template. This template lets you write your name with beautiful Urban Jungle font on nature images like a jungle, mountain, or desert. Also, you can add smooth transitions to make your video more stunning. 


What is the Urban Jungle CapCut Template

You must have seen some videos or reels on the internet in which a name appears with Urban Jungle font on the edge of the video with a stunning forest background with beautiful transitions and blurry effects. The gorgeous Urban Jungle font makes it more unique and perfect.

So many templates are available on the CapCut app, but we have found some of the best Urban Jungle templates, so you don’t have to search for them online. Create stunning videos with your name written on the edge of a forest or jungle. 

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How To Create Videos Using Urban Jungle Font

Creating videos with the Urban Jungle font is a piece of cake. Just make sure you have the CapCut app on your device.

  • Start by downloading a beautiful background image for your video by clicking this button.
  • Then you’ve to download Urban Jungle font from this website.
  • Go and click on the download button, and the CapCut font with the size of 608KB will be downloaded to your device.
  • Then, extract or uncompress this font from downloads. 
  • Create a new project in CapCut.
  • Import the background image you’ve downloaded from the given link.
  • Click the “Add Text” button, then the “Add Font” button, and upload the Urban Jungle font file you’ve already downloaded.
  • Type your name and adjust its alignment or size as preference.
  • You can add style, animation, and different effects to the font.
  • Add music and transitions as desired.
  • Click on the export button and download your video in any resolution.


Using the Urban Jungle CapCut template with Urban Jungle font is a gateway to add style and creativity to your videos to show your followers your name as a brand logo. It’s a go-to choice for those people who want to make their content shine on social platforms like Instagram reels or TikTok videos. After all, there are many other CapCut templates in CapCut. Consider checking them out. 

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