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You must have heard the Hola song in TikTok videos or other video-sharing platforms, but did you know that Hola, a popular song by Sofia Reyes featuring two American singers named De La Ghetto and Jason Derulo, first time released on February 16, 2018, has 829M views on Sofia Rayes youtube page in 5 years, is sparking a wave of short videos across social media platforms in these days? People are creating their videos using the Hola CapCut template. This template doesn’t just offer the regular version of the song, but it also provides the slowed-down and speed-up versions of this song with different blur effects. These things add a fresh layer of creativity to your videos.


Also, not only just Hola templates but there are other popular templates available as well here, so make sure to check them out. Each template offers its own set of creative elements to boost your video editing experience. There is no need for any special video editing skill; the Hola CapCut template provides a user-friendly interface to put magic in your videos. We have provided 5 different Hola templates. Go down and choose the one that fits your style, and click the “Use Template” button. There are also more trending templates that are waiting for you on this website like Moye Moye CapCut Template, Dandelions CapCut Template, I Wanna Be Yours CapCut Template.

Hola Smooth Slowmo Template

Hola Slowed Version #1

Hola Normal Version #1

Hola Slowed Version #2

Hola Slowmo Blur Version

Info Table

NameHola CapCut Template
CompatibilityAndroid and iOS
Video Duration7-13 Seconds
Users23.6 Million
CreatorSofia Reyes

How to Use Hola CapCut Template in the CapCut App

  • Download the latest current version of the CapCut app.
  • Find templates either above or at apkcapscut.com.
  • Explore our CapCut template trend page for the newest designs. Pick a template that you like.
  • Use the selected template on CapCut by clicking the provided button.
  • Choose the shots and videotapes you want to add to your video.
  • Click on Export to finalize your video for sharing.
  • After completing your editing, export your masterpiece in your preferred format and resolution.
  • To share your video without a watermark, select “Save and Share on TikTok.


In conclusion, the Hola CapCut Template is not just about editing videos, it’s about adding your creative touch to the viral Hola song. Explore the templates, select from various options like the slowed-down version or sped-up version, and show the world your unique perspective through stunning animations and creative edits.

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