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Hello friends, today I’m going to introduce an advanced and widely used video editing CapCut template named Habibi CapCut template, available in the CapCut app. CapCut is a free video editing application that is accessible on both iOS and Android devices. This template is popular and recognized for many things like its charming Arabic Habibi song, eye-catching transitions, and special effects. This template was created by a TikTok user [BP] Petmalu Edits.

The “Habibi” term that is used in the Habibi template is an Arabic word that means “my love”, “my dear”, or “my darling”. So you can share this template with your loved ones by adding their name and photos in it, expressing your love for them because the word Habibi adds a touch of endearment to the content created using the Habibi CapCut template. 


The Habibi template has gained massive popularity in a short time. Its user base is estimated to be in millions around the world. The CapCut Habibi template has been utilized to create over 20 million videos on TikTok alone and it also holds a strong presence on other social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube

To use the Habibi template, you can choose any template from the plethora of pre-designed templates available below and start customizing it and adding your personal touch by following the tutorial given below. Whether you want to add your personal pictures or videos or edit the transitions and effects according to your preferences. The versatility of this template is next level which allows the content creators to create different types of videos, including short dance performances, lip-sync videos, and other creative content.

These pre-design Habibi template videos come in various formats and we are providing every format. Here is the list of those formats, so choose wisely the one that suits you.

  • New Habibi Trend Beat Edit
  • New Habibi CapCut Template
  • Habibi Photo Remix
  • Habibi Emoji Transistion
  • Habibi Photo Transition
  • Habibi Reverb
  • Habibi Lyrics Trend
  • Habibi Fast Remix
  • Habibi Landscape Transition
  • Habibi Line Drawing Effect
  • Habibi Slowmo Effect
  • Habibi Sliding Effect

New Habibi CapCut Template 1

New Habibi Trend Beat Edit 2

CapCut Habibi Template Link 3

CapCut Habibi Template Link 4

CapCut Habibi Template Link 5

Habibi Photo Remix 6

Habibi Emoji Transition 7

Habibi Photo Transition 8

Habibi Fast Remix 9

Habibi Line Drawing Effect 10

Habibi Slowmo Effect 11

Habibi Sliding Effect 12

New CapCut Habibi Template 13

Habibi CapCut Edit 14

CapCut Habibi Template Link 15

Habibi CapCut Edit 16

CapCut Habibi Template 17

Habibi Template Download 18

Habibi Template Link 19

CapCut Habibi Template Download Link 20

Habibi Sliding Effect 21

Haibi Reverb Template 22

Habibi Lyrics Trend (Tahir Editz) 23

Habibi Landscape Transition 24

CapCut Tahir Editz 25

Habibi Anime CapCut Template 26

How To Use Habibi CapCut Template

  • Choose one of these Habibi templates. 
  • Click the orange “Use template in CapCut” button and that template will open in the CapCut app.
  • You’ll see another “Use Template” button, simply click it.
  • After that import your personal photos and videos.
  • Preview it and click on the “Export” button to save it in your gallery.
  • Also, you can directly share your newly created video with your followers on social media like TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook.

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The Habibi CapCut template, created by [BP] Petmalu Edits, can be proven a game-changer for content creators. It helps you create videos on any topic. So check out these templates and increase your social media presence. Good Luck!

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