How To Make a CapCut Template

If you use CapCut for your video editing and don’t know how to make a CapCut template, this article is for you. So, most of the people don’t know about how to post on CapCut. You may also be trying to figure out how to post a template on CapCut. So, doing this is basic and doesn’t take too much time to create a CapCut video template and post it on CapCut. You just have to apply to the “CapCut Creator Program” and you’ll become a CapCut template creator and will be able to create and upload CapCut templates easily.

What is the CapCut Creator Program and How To Apply

CapCut offers its users to join the CapCut Creator Program. It allows you to create content and upload it on CapCut and earn money through it. You can create custom templates for others to use. You’ll get paid when people use your templates. So here are the steps to become a CapCut template creator.

How To Become a CapCut Creator and How to Make a CapCut Template

First, download the CapCut application on your mobile, and to be a CapCut creator or get into their creator program you’re going to apply for it. So, the first thing to do is to as always go to your CapCut application and go to the right page by clicking on the profile button on the bottom menu and “Me” written under it. Then you’re going to log in as you normally do.


Once you’re logged in, you need to go to the templates page, and at the very top, there will be a little banner that will swipe after every 3 seconds.


You’ll have to find the specific banner “Apply for CapCut Creator”. It is the main panel you’ve to go to. So swipe through until you find that particular banner and tap on it. Now once you tap on it, you’ll come to another particular page. This page will tell you all the information about the CapCut Creator program


It’s going to tell you about how to apply, requirements, incentives, and all other information. Go ahead and just follow this information and requirements and make sure that you’re suitable for this Creator Program


After that go to the bottom and you’ll see that button saying apply now. Go ahead and click on Apply now right there. What’s going to happen next is it’s going to apply you into this CapCut Creator program


You have to fill in all the information on this form as you normally would and you can submit your application to be in their program. Now once you’re accepted, you can go and create any template that you want to and upload it on CapCut. 

From now any video template you create or any edits you make, you’ll see a button “create a template” after you export the video. Once you click on that button, the templates that you just created will then come up under the templates page of CapCut. That’s all you are going to have to do. If you have any other thoughts or questions, let me know in the comment section below.

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